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struggling to fight the urge to start another breaking bad ep. it’s 1am. i have control. i will wait until morning. aaaaahhhh

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#netflix is a drug

MOON MOSAIC — A gorgeous image of the Moon from Noel Carboni via NASA: “No single exposure can easily capture faint stars along with the subtle colors of the Moon. But this dramatic composite view highlights both. The mosaic digitally stitches together fifteen carefully exposed high resolution images of a bright, gibbous Moon and a representative background star field. The fascinating color differences along the lunar surface are real, though highly exaggerated, corresponding to regions with different chemical compositions.” (NASA)

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perfumed-ponce replied to your post: “I’ve started watching Breaking Bad, and every episode his wife asks…”:
the tag tho, I’m dying HAHAHA I’m saving BrBa for this winter when there’s fuck all to do and I can sit in bed and be warm and soft with a kitty on my foot. <3

It’s seriously soo good! Herby was watching a few eps sitting on my chest ^.^

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I’ve started watching Breaking Bad, and every episode his wife asks where he’s been. It’s getting sooo annoying. Let’s hope I don’t do that if I’m married.

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#he's been cooking meth leave him alone jeeez
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Wasn’t that close?

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Title: I Love You All
Artist: Michael Fassbender
Album: Frank OST
Plays: 6528

I love you all by Michael Fassbender.

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I saw What If, and it was fun until the ending. Gross.

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#Adam Driver is my new fav #tho

I rather like my outfit today. Went on a date with myself hehe

#me #herby

Crying over An Affair to Remember (1957) in Sleepless in Seattle (1993)

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Scarves by Shovava


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Some truck driver honked at me and was grinning and waving n shit. What is this, Thelma and Louise?

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#but he wasn't being obscene or anything #but how can you tell a girl is hot when it's super dark outside?? weirdo
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